Launching our affiliate offer for payday and installment loans is a great resource for people who need cash fast and might have some difficulty getting a regular bank loan. And, best of all, it is our brand new affiliate offering at revJOLT! We’ve optimized this site to convert for both US payday and installment loan leads, and you get to capitalize on this hard work by earning your own affiliate revenue from it!

9 compelling reason to link up with

Check out why our network of approved lending partner advertisers know (and you will find out), that is a great opportunity for affiliate marketers!

1. Swift setup and sure tracking

Our system makes things clear and simple for publishers to set up and start tracking sales conversions. Our dashboard is uncluttered so you can find exactly what you need to know about your campaign’s performance.

2. A variety of ways to connect

We can supply you with an iframe form to embed in your own website, or a unique tracking link that you can use like any other affiliate link to direct traffic to Both of these options are much simpler than developing an XML post system to send leads from your own forms, if you are less technically minded or can’t afford to hire a developer to do it for you.

3. Optimized for mobile

Over half the world’s internet traffic now comes from a mobile device, so of course we have optimized for mobile responsiveness. And this optimization has been proven to convert at over 33%, consistently.

4. An amazing user experience

Whether consumers come to us via a cellphone, tablet or a laptop, they are sure to find our site simple to use. We’ve invested in UX (User eXperience) design that makes signing up a breeze.

5. Speed

Don’t leave them hanging – our systems are geared towards speed. When a customer submits the form, our platform finds the right lender for them fast. This decreases the chance of abandonment or frustration, and increases the success rate for conversions!

6. Security

Using valid and robust encryption means that the customer can be confident that any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) that they supply won’t be intercepted. And increased confidence means increased conversions. The customer needs to know we put their safety first, and we have the padlock icons to prove it.

We are fully OLA (the Online Lenders Alliance) compliant. This means we treat our customers fairly and keep them informed about what is happening. Our network of lender partners recognize the role this compliance plays in quality, high-conversion lead generation.

7. Customer convenience

Customers find it much easier to fill out the form online from their home (or even on the road), than standing in a hot, sweaty line at a bank. Our systems will direct them to either an online provider, or a storefront loan specialist that is closest to their location.

8. Free to the consumer‘s service is always free to consumers. We don’t try to add to the cost of their loan, instead we take commission on successful conversions from our lending partners. This means that customers feel happier taking our service, and affiliates are more likely to get conversions too!

9. Fantastic revenue opportunities

And last, but most importantly, you should know about what you could earn with revJOLT and

Our revshare payouts are up to an impressive $200. Across our network, there is an average CPL (Cost per Lead) of $9, and this trend is going upwards as our list of direct lenders increases.

So contact us if you have any more questions about how we can help you start earning, or hit the signup buttons below to begin your revJOLT journey!

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