Exciting news for payday marketing list owners

You’re sitting on a goldmine. You have a database packed with qualified payday or installment loan leads, but there’s just one problem – you don’t have the time, the staff, or the know-how to get anything from it! Frustrated much??

Well, that pain is about to end. revJOLT‘s brand new service can help you monetize this awesome asset of yours, and the best part? We’ll do all the hard work!

How revJOLT‘s list management service works

You allow us access to your database, (which we treat with confidentiality like it was our own proprietary data). We then email or even better, send an SMS — to the contacts with an offer that links to our site. We encode your unique ID into the link for conversion tracking and revenue sharing, then our landing pages will hook up with our HUGE network of lenders who provide the loans.

A bonus? We carefully craft the messages and our landing pages to maximize click-throughs and conversions! Your success is our success, and the customer receiving a competitive offer is great for them — everybody wins!

EPL and revenue – how much could you earn?

Payday loan leads are one of the top payouts for affiliates – up to $230 for a successful conversion – and revJOLT splits that revenue with publishers 80/20 in your favor.

This leads to an overall EPL (Earnings Per Lead) of well over $1. (EPL is calculated as the amount earned per lead forwarded, and $1 EPL is far above many industries’ average.)

No spam, ma’am – just the good stuff

Being protective of your hard-earned data is understandable. You don’t want anyone to jeopardize your work and risk legal shenanigans by sending your database off to dicey third parties. I get it.

And thanks to the heightened rules around spam, including the CAN-SPAM act, you’ve got even more reason to want a list manager you can trust. revJOLT goes the extra mile, ensuring that only approved lending partners will be shown your leads, and we only email or SMS contact leads who have opted-in for this service.

We exceed the Online Lender’s Alliance (OLA) guidelines for transparency in online lending, so your leads will be treated well, with easy to understand and reasonable terms that are clearly presented. That’s just the way we roll.

Our security measures ensure no data leakage, with leading-edge technology to keep your leads and our transactions from prying eyes. You can rest easy that your database is getting the best treatment available, while you get the benefits of monetization.

Got a different list for a different vertical?

At the moment, our marketing list service is active for the US payday and instalment loans market. But we’ll be rolling our service out to other markets like auto insurance, mortgage and refinancing, and more, soon!

If you’re interested in capitalizing on this great service — whether it’s payday vertical or you want to know about our upcoming offerings — contact revJOLT and find the smart way to become a list owner today!

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