A scalable, robust lead gen system

Auto insurance agents, I’m going to help you quickly examine how revJOLT‘s system can bring you a whole new marketplace for customer leads. Our ping/post technology supplies highly-qualified prospects in real time and this article will give you a rapid rundown of the benefits you get when you sign up.

Signing up

When you join our network, you’ll become an auto insurance advertiser. All this means is that you will be buying the leads from our affiliate publishers, who are bloggers, product reviewers, or social media gurus (among other things). They generate the traffic and capture the leads via web forms that ask for information such as name, date of birth, social security and car details. They validate the entered data and send it to our system and we compare it to your requirements.

You set up your profile to get the leads that you want. You know your ideal customer’s profile, and you can optimize for that. Take control from day one on how much you want to spend.

Buying auto insurance leads

revJOLT‘s lead trading platform then sanitizes the input data and checks it is not a duplicate. Once all our checks are run, the lead is anonymized and presented to the buyers who offer bids for the lead. A near-instantaneous mini-auction is run for the bids. The winner will gain full access to the lead details within seconds.

What makes revJOLT the best lead trading platform?

revJOLT‘s technology is fast, easy to use, and efficient. We’ve built with the cloud and mobile devices‘ requirements in the center of our systems so that it is responsive and uses advanced features that are available in cutting-edge servers.

Detailed reporting means you can keep an eye on which bids you won, and which you passed on. Our technology ensures security levels are industry-leading, and our compliance with US legislation for online selling means that you are protected, too.

Lead quality is the key to getting a good ROI. With revJOLT you get the best leads. Our quality assurance means they are not aged out, remarketed, or garbage leads. Our publishers are vetted, with random checks by real people to ensure the leads they are selling are of the highest quality. We also check their websites and email messaging to ensure they are complying with standards.

High-quality, high-intent leads mean high conversion rates. Your winning bid can go from prospect to customer in seconds! There are no other ways to convert a lead this fast. Thanks to our attention to how the modern market works, you can save sales staff hours of frustrating phone calls and emails. Just think of the potential cost saving!

Fair pricing

The bottom line for any auto insurance provider is cost. We only charge a fair price for the use of our system. We help you keep your budget from snowballing and offer transparent and intuitive breakdowns of our charges.

Sound good? Sign up today to arrange a free, no obligation system demo.

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