Understanding content – how to break through to your site visitors

“Content is king” is a saying that gets around a lot in the realms of internet marketing. But not all content is made equal. So what can you do to make yours stand out?

Stand by for some pointers from your affiliate marketing friends at revJOLT!

What types of content should you be creating?

Compelling content for affiliate publishers, like bloggers, is usually crafted around driving clicks to certain products, like home solar installations, or services, like payday loans. So what should you write about in order to do that?

A savvy affiliate marketer will have already done research on what is the niche they will focus on. They will then find a way to talk about the topic in a way that is valuable to their readers. So here is a list of areas to try:


  • Reviews, text or video, focusing on one product or service
  • Top ten lists discussing pros and cons of a product or service
  • Tips about getting the best value or experience for products and services


  • A stats and figures based post (XX% of Americans prefer Y to Z, for example)
  • A personal experience story that is only marginally connected to your affiliate niche
  • An infographic revealing some of the industry’s secrets

There are plenty of other options out there to try but in order to get the best out of your content offering, you should aim to balance quality against quantity. You need both.


Your website’s authority is important because it increases your search engine rank, and increases trust from your customers. So how can web content contribute to that?

Longer articles that are well-organized with headings and appropriate text styling, punctuation, and grammar will go a lot further than shorter, shallower versions.

These techniques are great for increasing your site’s authority with Google, and humans too. Want a good example? Just read this blog some more! 😉

Getting people to click your links

Now that you’ve created your masterpiece of compelling content, you need to make sure that people are doing more than just reading it – they should be clicking your affiliate links, or there’s no point!

So what makes people click?

The wording is important, of course! Why do people even want the stuff at the end of the link? What problem or urge of theirs does it address? Think about what itch they’re scratching, then offer them some itch cream. And always be honest about what’s at the other end or your clicks won’t add up to sales.

Link to other pages that are nothing to do with your affiliate program, too. This helps sites like Google realize you’re offering value to their readership, and not just a page of spam.

Put your most lucrative links at the head of the page, above the fold. The chances of someone just glancing at your page and clicking away are extremely high. So your compelling link needs to be one of the first things they see.

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