Lead gen for home services is a great way to earn extra revenue

A home is usually the biggest expense in anyone’s life. Whether it’s rent costs or a mortgage, we spend a lot on houses and apartments. But more importantly, it’s where we live. It’s natural to want to protect our homes, so lead gen from this affiliate niche can be not just lucrative but can help families across the nation feel safer. That’s why revJOLT are pleased to offer home security and replacement windows services as a vertical on their ingenious ping/post lead gen platform!

Affiliate publishing strategies for home security systems

If you own a house, you know there is the chance of a home invasion or robbery. So you invest in home safety systems like alarms, door cameras, and motion sensors. But, like all savvy shoppers, you want to get the best deal on your investment, so you shop around.

Affiliate content marketers for home security systems know that this niche is not just about cashing in on fear, it’s about providing important information so that homeowners can rest easy in their beds at night! Great content ideas to generate lead opt-ins include systems feature comparisons, brand reviews, spec listings, and advice on home security strategies in general.

But why should consumers stop and fill out your lead form, when they could just go and buy a kit on Amazon?

You’re selling them the knowledge that they’ll be dealt with by professionals.

A home security system that has been wrongly put up is worse than having none. Because at least with none, you aren’t lulled into a false sense of security! You don’t want your cousin Bob to wire up the system that’s going to keep your family safe. You don’t want a handyman with no experience in these matters. You want an expert!

Replacement windows and maintenance services are another form of protection

Heating or cooling a house with poorly-fitted windows or single-glazed panes is costly. You might as well throw them open and toss your dollar bills into the street. That’s why replacement windows services are popular. But they can also increase the security of a home, and add to its value. Who doesn’t want that?

Replacement windows have suffered from some poor-quality operators in the past, but it’s a brand new day. There’s a huge range of options for windows that will blend in with buildings. Far from just being a choice of cheap-looking plastic frames, there are plenty of suppliers who can offer a higher-quality product with tough, long-lasting, and secure materials and fittings.

Educating your consumers on what will suit the style of their house, what warranty they can get, the security details, and the type of materials they should look for is a great way to form a relationship. It will take a little research, but it will be worth it to focus on this affiliate niche.

It’s not just residential customers who want replacement windows. Plenty of commercial units need to perform some reno every now and then. It’s especially important when the building is public-facing or has security issues.

And the icing on the cake is that windows will need maintenance services too, so you can not only offer lead gen for installation but for repairs too.

If you’re looking to buy or sell leads from a home services niche, join revJOLT for a win-win situation!

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