Procrastination is standing between you and your dreams!

Running your own business or side hustle generating online marketing leads has some great perks, but there are also challenges. One of the main ones can be procrastination. We all know that feeling: you have a task, but you keep putting it off.

You need to do your taxes, but social media seems more interesting. You need to put up another blog article with affiliate lead capture forms, but you just can’t face it today, so you’ll do it after just one more game of solitaire. You need to sign up to that new affiliate lead trading platform, but you could do that tomorrow, right?

I know for a fact some of you reading this will get a strange tight feeling in their chest just from reading that last paragraph… But don’t worry, we’re going to help you deal.

Procrastination is a liar!

The trouble is, distracting yourself from the tasks you put off can make your workload build up until it becomes a mind-melting ball of stress and anxiety. It’s a form of self-sabotage, and can stand between you and successful affiliate revenue!

I know how it feels. I’ve been there. So I’m going to share with you some techniques I’ve learned about over the years to help you stop procrastinating and start executing!

(Oh and by the way, these techniques can apply to other parts of your life, not just your affiliate publisher business!)

5 Tried and Tested Techniques to Stop Procrastination

1. Start with the easy stuff

Once you get working, you get into the flow. So maybe start with the tasks you know you can knock out of the ballpark quickly. You have to check your stats on the affiliate reports dashboard? With revJOLT, it’s super quick, job done! That little success can inspire you to take on the bigger tasks.

2. Block the time-wasting stuff

If you’re always tempted to check on certain sites, get a browser extension or app that can block them! There are many social media blockers that put a time limit on your browsing. Just don’t do this if posting to social media is part of your promo strategy for today!

3. Take structured breaks

The human brain can only focus for so long. Every half an hour or so, take a five-minute break. Set a timer, and notice how you feel once you go back to work.

4. Make the threat of a deadline

If doing everything at the last possible second gives you the push you need, then set yourself a hard deadline for today. With consequences! For example, “If I don’t finish this by 5, I can’t get tacos tonight.”

5. Remember why you like it

You probably chose this line of work because you didn’t really love working for “the man”, and your alternative is to get a nine-to-five job. Do you want to go sit in an office? Get harassed by the boss because you were five minutes late? Wear business clothing every day? No?

Then use that. Remember that you chose the freedom and flexibility that affiliate marketing work can give you to boost your drive.

Procrastination is a sign

Procrastinators are not plain lazy. That’s a misconception. But they might dread a task for multiple reasons. The main culprits are usually boredom or fear you’re going to get things wrong.

You can defeat boredom with a variety of techniques including automation, routine, and even outsourcing. But fear is harder. You need to be honest about your reasons for procrastination. And sometimes just stop and say to yourself, “I got this”.

Go to it, affiliate marketers of the world!

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