What the heck is ping-post and why should I care?

Ping-post is a crucial part of modern lead generation systems. It takes partial data from sellers like affiliate marketers and connects it with buyers like those in our vast network.

I’ll explain how that works, but first, let me tell you why it matters.

For years, I have been frustrated (to say the least) with the quality of affiliate networks available today. Leads can be of poor value, networks can play games with publishers’ payment, and the end result is hardly anyone is satisfied.

With ping-post this frustration is erased.

If that’s got your attention, get ready to take a look at the powerful ping-post technology that drives revJOLT‘s lead gen network and see how you can buy or sell highly qualified leads, instantly.

The ping-post marketplace

revJOLT is a real-time platform that connects consumers and providers with the maximum protection and convenience for both. But while that’s easy to say, what does it really mean?

I want you to imagine a marketplace. On one side you have buyers wandering around the stalls, looking for products with the best quality and price they can find, and on the other, you have sellers endorsing their products. The buyers are from big companies like home security providers or auto insurance brokers, and they are looking to purchase leads, that is, information that will tell them if a person is likely to become a customer. The sellers in this virtual market are affiliate marketers or other foot soldiers who work hard to connect their consumers to the right advertisers.

The difference is, this is the internet, right? All of this is happening at super-speed! The marketplace is revJOLT, and the ping-post technology is how the products are promoted and bought.

Publishers (the lead generators) “ping” partial details out to the buyers (a ping is all of the data MINUS the personally identifiable information, or PII). The fact that only part of the detail is shared prevents that person’s contact details from being seen until purchase, and this not only protects the seller’s hard work, but also the consumers privacy, which is so important today.

Advertisers (the lead buyers) can then cherry-pick the best prospects using the data that they can see, like zip code, age, credit scores, and so on. That way they can be sure they don’t waste their time with the wrong customers!

And the Publishers can be sure they are obtaining the best price possible for their hard-won leads, without revealing the specific contact details of a consumer.

Before such systems came along, affiliate networks could be more like a vending machine – you’d push the button and hope the right product came out. But sometimes what came out was stale, or got stuck halfway up! And sometimes someone put a washer instead of a dime in the slot… You can see why revJOLT‘s ping post system is better, right?

What is the advantage of a ping-post system over advertising methods?

There are plenty of ways to attract interest in your products: social media, display advertising, reward programmes, but many of these result in poorly-qualified leads that cost you time and money and have terrible conversion rates.

And this is the genius part of revJOLT‘s proprietary system – only the best match will result in a transaction.

If you’re interested in getting the best, get in touch and find out more.

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