The best affiliate marketing keywords for the payday loan industry

The payday loans industry is one of our strongest, and best-established verticals in our marketing leads network. We’re helping lenders and borrowers connect with revJOLT through our proprietary lead trading platform so affiliate marketers (lead sellers) get the best offers, and advertisers (lead buyers) get the best customers. One of the components of this system is the use of keywords — and our users wield them with skill.

But the more familiar you are with an industry, the harder it can be to remember what it was like before you knew. So, marketers can put in keywords that let highly motivated prospects fall through the gaps! This post is just a reminder of why the best keywords are the ones that come from a place of need.

Keywords, why do we need them?

If you’re running an affiliate blog or a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing campaign*, you’ll know that keywords are the food we feed Google and the other search engine giants. Without a concept of what people are going to be typing in, how will the algorithms inside work out that our website / landing page / social post is relevant to finding a payday loan?

So the average advertising exec might type in terms that describe the company – from the perspective of the company. So, “installment loan”, “payday loan”, “alternative finance”, “title loan”…

Affiliate marketers, advertising execs, and payday loan providers in general would do well to remember that people who might need access to this kind of short-term loan industry don’t necessarily know what they want. They don’t necessarily know the insider technical terms. They don’t know what type of loan is the best one yet — they’re trying to find it!

They DO know what they need.

Let go of what you know for a second

I can tell you that when my car broke down and I found myself behind on credit card bills with two hungry mouths to feed, I wasn’t typing “alternative finance” into my browser.

Nor was I browsing for hours trying to educate myself on the ins and outs of technical jargon like “installment loans”, “title loans” and the like. I was looking for help. A way out of my impending doom. A light in the darkness. A moment’s reprieve. I needed cash, quick. So I typed “quick cash”, “short term loans”, and the like. Until a year ago, I’d never heard of “payday loans”.

Before you educate, connect

The market for payday loans is a lot more educated these days, it’s true. I know that I am. But there are still people out there who won’t think, or don’t want to think, about payday loans. It just doesn’t occur to them that this is the answer they are seeking. And should they be left in the dark?

The trouble with the finance industry is that it can become about numbers. Of course, profit and sales margins are important to any business. But if you forget the humanity of the audience, how are you going to connect with them? How are you going to get those keywords if you can’t imagine what it’s like to be them?

Try to put yourself into the shoes of the average person who has to turn to payday loan and short-term finance. They’re feeling helpless. They are looking for a lifeline, and you are that lifeline. It could be an unexpected car repair bill, a lack of health insurance to cover an emergency procedure, student loan debt that’s crept up on them, a really cold winter increasing the heating bills… whatever it is, they might not automatically think “payday loan”.

I’m not saying that you should remove “payday loan” from your materials, certainly not. But use these keywords in addition to the existing wording to make your products more accessible, and your website easier to find on Google from people who didn’t know they needed it.

So, try these keywords in your affiliate marketing websites, social media campaigns, and onsite SEO and see what difference it makes to the variety and numbers of consumers you can help.

Six payday loan keywords to change the way you see your world:

  1. “Help with bills”
  2. “Credit card debt”
  3. “Quick money”
  4. “Personal loan”
  5. “loan office near me”
  6. “student loan”

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*Please be aware that Google has rules about promoting payday loans! Find out all about it in my blog on payday loan advertising bans.