How revJOLT‘s proprietary lead gen technology serves consumers, affiliates, and businesses.


Our lead gen trading platform was built for the cloud, from scratch. This is important to your bottom line because most software is now moving to the cloud anyway, and if it wasn’t built with that environment in mind, the result will be clunky, at best.

A “non-cloud-native” system won’t take best advantage of advanced features like scalable databases that never run out of space, or the ability to spool up new instances when loads increase or destroy them when they’re no longer needed. This load-balancing is not only smart, it’s green too – using services only when they’re required is energy efficient and it means we don’t have to pass huge electric costs on to you.

Speed and safety

Our services are built on the latest, most secure releases of PHP. We use the Laravel framework for our reporting functions which produces excellent graphing, and Lumen for our API – a lightweight version that increases our speed even more.

Our code is modular. When you connect to our API, we only load the functions that you need, so you’re not waiting while code that has nothing to do with your specific needs loads too. For example, an auto finance vertical has different needs to a solar energy provider, so why should they have to wait while the solar specific functions load? That’s right, they shouldn’t! This lowers our memory footprint and execution times become nearly instantaneous.

We’ve done our upmost to optimize our system so it will stand up to high demand.

UX-first, Mobile-first

Whether it is our dashboards or our consumer websites, we have designed and built these to put user experience first. We’ve minimized latency with CDN to speed up the front end experience for visitors.

Since over 70% of the traffic that comes into our system is from a mobile device, it’s a good thing we designed our interfaces to be mobile-first. The days of ignoring the way users connect to the internet are done. And for marketers using SMS campaigns, this is even better for you. Tying in with our speedy execution times, this makes revJOLT one of the most cell-phone friendly systems available anywhere.

Compliance and quality

Our reputation is staked on ensuring that our systems, data, and users comply with regulations and best practices to protect end customer’s data. All traffic that comes to our site is required to be via HTTPS. The end-to-end encryption protects PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and adds to consumer confidence. Our databases are fully hashed so, for almost every circumstance, even super admins cannot view the customer’s PII inappropriately.

If anything we are overprotective! We comply with CILA, PLRA, TCPA, privacy, data security and vendor management best practices, and will shortly be joining the Online Lender’s Alliance.

The final point I want to highlight to you is the quality of our product. We check the sources of leads generated by publishers to ensure they’re not aged out, not remarketed, or not inappropriate. We use real people to verify this, and randomly select leads to test their viability using proprietary methods and good old-fashioned hard work!

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