Stand out from the crowd

If you’re an affiliate marketer looking for a niche, it might be time to think outside of the box.

Finding a profitable marketing niche for your affiliate blog or social media campaign

Most affiliate marketers stick to the saturated markets of shopping, gaming, and entertainment. They choose markets they’re familiar with from their own life. For example, they use Amazon services, so they promote Amazon services – not realizing it’s hard to get noticed in such a huge market.

Percentages are lousy when it’s a buyer’s market. Advertisers know there are thousands upon thousands of schmoes ready to pimp their products to the public, so they don’t have to pay them much.

Maybe you’re sick of this situation?

Well, here’s a niche for you to try. If you read any other articles on this blog you’ll notice I talk about it all the time. And why? The market appetite for payday loans is strong. There are so many loan companies now that they are crying out for leads.

And they have a problem.

Google won’t allow ads from payday loan providers who charge more than 35% or expect repayment in less than 90 days. This situation is where an affiliate marketer can be an asset to these companies. And they are willing to pay.

Using your lead gen skills, you can connect people needing quick cash with the folks who provide it. But maybe you’ve got some doubts about this market vertical?

Payday loans have got a bad reputation

A recent special on Netflix highlighted some of the worst practices in short-term personal lending. I’m sure you know the one I mean. I’d be an idiot if I tried to pretend that never happened. It was hard to watch, that’s the truth.

But it raises a question: should payday loans be avoided, or even made illegal? How does that benefit the millions of Americans who live from paycheck to paycheck? What would they do?

Yes, there are sharks out there. But you don’t have to be one. Earn your reader’s trust by being trustworthy. Ensure you tell them about alternatives to going down that route. But let them know that if they need that emergency loan, that they can find it. When the hospital bill comes in, when the job offer falls through, you can offer them a life jacket.

Don’t be a shark, be a lifeguard!

Thanks to revJOLT‘s state-of-the-art real-time lead trading platform, you can link leads who need this kind of finance to the lenders who provide it. They can automatically filter and match the types of customer they are looking for, and you can get a much better price for your hard work than by selling it to a single buyer.

Are you an affiliate marketer? Do you want that profitable niche market? Sign up with revJOLT today!

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