Part 3: Affiliate publishers and lead gen

(Check out part 1 and part 2 of this series first!)

What is lead generation?

Lead generation (lead gen) is about passing data from Consumers to Advertisers in order to make a sale. The data will include Personally Identifiable Information (PII) like name, address, contact number or email, among others. You will then receive a commission or bounty when the sale converts, depending on the Advertiser’s payment structure.

How do I make this happen?

This is how you can do this with revJOLT. Other systems may vary!

You will need to know some coding, at least enough to make the functionality work. Your site will need to provide encryption for security so the PII is protected.

You will set up some opt-in forms on your website with a series of qualifying questions or fields to fill in.

Note: These forms really do need a website to work, you can’t offer forms like these on social media. Some social media sites do offer lead gen forms, but these will not connect to a third-party platform, like revJOLT.

When the consumer presses “submit” on the form, this will prompt your website to compile the data into XML (we provide you the format). It should then create an end-to-end connection to our API and use secure HTTP POST to send the data. This will then match Consumers to Advertisers. The way that it does this varies, depending on the industry, but you will get detailed help from the revJOLT team when you set up.

With revJOLT, this process is fast and light-weight, enabling your consumer’s data to be processed seamlessly. All this should happen in the blink of an eye. If you have revJOLT technology on your side, it will!

Quality is key

Advertisers don’t want low-motivated, low-quality leads, they will only go for the best. For many lead trading platforms, like revJOLT, the lead commission is paid out on a CPA basis. That means you get paid for the sale, not just the lead, so it’s not like sending a random fake name through to them is going to work out. (Also, you would get kicked out of the network, so don’t try it!)

So how can you improve the quality of your leads? Here are a few key pointers:

  1. Identify your ideal demographic and tailor your website towards them
  2. Make sure your form has required fields for important data
  3. Keep your website’s policies and terms transparent and honest, so qualified leads don’t shy away
  4. Never try to resell aged-out or low quality leads. It’s not worth it.
  5. Re-adjust your website copy and SEO based on analysis, regularly

When you send high-quality leads, you will get high-quality payouts, especially with a system like revJOLT.

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