Don’t play games with fraudulent data

Life is tough. And it’s all too tempting to cheat your way to an easy buck. You have a website, or social media following. You want to squeeze as much as you can from its monetization. So you think maybe there is a way to game the system?

But I’m here to give you fair warning! Don’t do it!

If you’re an affiliate marketer who specialises in lead generation, you might be tempted to try a few things to increase your payouts. You might try to enter some random details into your easy to use form, or even try some auto-fill scamming. It seems like the easy route to getting some extra pay in your pocket.

Let me tell you right now that this is not the place to try it.

This is called fraud, and revJOLT does not tolerate fraud.

There’s an old saying, “cheaters never prosper”

This might seem hard to believe when you see evidence that people do this all the time. People flashing their cash and looking great on their social feeds. Offering “get rich quick” schemes. Pretending as if no-one gets hurt.

And I understand what it’s like to look at your bank balance and think it would be a whole lot better if you just set aside your honesty for a bit.

But here’s the deal: revJOLT offers great payouts to genuine leads. And our sophisticated security systems and hard work mean that the rest are banned, and any payouts earned from cheating could be forfeited. So all that hard work you put in trying to game the system? Would have been better spent building a great affiliate marketing business that could last you for many years.

The bad stuff

Here’s a quick summary of what you can’t do on revJOLT‘s lead trading platform.

No data entry. That means no forms filled out with bogus leads, no auto-complete, or getting a cheap deal off a freelance website for false information or people who never had any intention of buying.

No aged out leads. This means you can’t remarket old consumer details that are no longer interested in the product. That just annoys everybody.

No blending fraudulent leads with real. Our fraud detection systems can even spot that.

Don’t mislead your consumers. Never pretend your lead gen is for one brand or product, but redirect them to another. Ensure your website has accurate information at all times. Complaints from consumers or lead buyers are dealt with. Seriously.

Maybe this sounds a little harsh, but here’s the silver lining:

Genuine lead sellers prosper with revJOLT

There are plenty of ways to get a great result with revJOLT‘s timely and high percentage payouts, robust and fast system, and huge network of advertisers. In fact, there’s so many positives that it means you DON’T NEED to try to game the system. So why risk it?

Instead, if you want to be part of a lead trading platform that protects and nurtures genuine lead generation, why not sign up today?

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