Get into a US replacement windows lead gen affiliate program

Housing market increases, popular renovation TV shows — the need for good quality replacement windows is a great affiliate marketer lead gen opportunity, not to be missed!

As you might recall from our opening Home Services blog post, replacement windows are one of the latest niches that revJOLT is rolling out. We’ve got advertisers ready and waiting for publishers’ leads. So, what has inspired us to launch into this vertical? Read on!

The home of your dreams – how TV inspires America

From HGTV’s Property Brothers, to the evergreen This Old House on PBS with its accompanying magazine, home reno TV shows have always been popular in the US (and many other countries too!). These programs teach homeowners and property speculators the tips and tricks that will turn a worn-out old wreck into a top-notch show-home. People might be interested in flipping a residential property, or living in it with style and comfort, but either way, we love to drool over the stunning transformations.

Now the housing market has finally recovered (more or less) after the 2008 financial crisis, more people are interested in making savvy financial choices with property. It is an age old adage that brick-and-mortar investments are the steadiest, and the chance to take a cheaper home and sell it for a higher price is a tempting proposition.

Not only that but both creative and handy types can get their hands dirty building something to be proud of! The home renovations niche is one that truly appeals across a wide demographic.

How affiliates can generate leads by promoting replacement windows

There is definitely a greater chance for profit in buying a cheaper, older house and doing some D.I.Y. home improvements than buying a perfect, finished house. But, let’s face it, it’s difficult to make windows by hand!

That’s where window replacement companies come in, and affiliate marketers can make some great revenue by promoting their services and products.

This niche is ideal for anyone running a home improvement or property investment blog. Or if you run your own property services company, and have leads that you can’t get to (out of reach geographically, or looking for a service you can’t provide) then revJOLT‘s lead trading platform can help you recoup some income.*

With content marketing, you can emphasize the benefits of new windows to a property. These can include energy saving, preventing weather damage, instantly improving the curb appeal of a property for sale, not to mention ease of use for the household residents.

And don’t forget

There are other people who require replacement windows, not just homeowners, but commercial property owners, too. There are also maintenance packages out there, so get promoting!

Interested in joining our replacement windows or any other lead gen program? We’re looking for both advertisers and publishers, so grab your share of the marketplace with revJOLT!

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*Please always make sure you have explicit written permission or opt-in agreement terms that mean you are allowed to sell your leads on.