Lead generators can take advantage of a fast, slick system for lead selling

If you’re a lead gen affiliate publisher (i.e. a lead seller) and you’re looking for a new lead trading marketplace, you’ve found it!

Let me take you on a quick and easy tour of what revJOLT can do for you.

Hint: If you find the technical jargon too much, scroll to the very last paragraph of this for another solution!

The initial setup

First, I’m going to assume you have a website which will attract lead prospects. That’s good. If you apply with our quick and easy signup form for membership with revJOLT, we’ll assess your site for a few things before we approve you onto our system (and you should understand why this step is a GOOD thing).

First, your site, like all our connections, will need to have HTTPS (SSL or TLS) security in place. This is because you’ll be handling sensitive PII — Personally Identifiable Information. But this is as much for your protection as for your customers’. Your lead information needs to be protected and end-to-end encryption will ensure this.

We’ll check a few other things with you. It might seem a little involved, but once you’re accepted, you’re part of a high-quality network – the best of the best!

Once you’ve passed the approval stage, you will be able to access our dashboard and check your settings.

Serving up the data

When you’re ready to start sending leads to the marketplace, your website will compile the information from your lead into XML. How you do that is down to the type of technology you use – PHP, Python, .NET, and so on… but the resulting file will be in a format that we specify for you.

Hint: your dashboard contains a section where you can see all the field names that you require, and gives example data, with your correct user IDs inserted wherever applicable.

You’ll need to connect to our API to post this data to us. The connection you create to do this will be for a secure HTTP POST request. A tutorial on this tech is beyond the scope of this article, but for now, I assume you are comfortable with these kinds of terms.

(If not, keep scrolling to the bottom!)

Inside revJOLT‘s system

Our API takes the data you supply and sanitizes it to check for any uncaught hacker attempts like injection attacks. It then validates the data to ensure it’s in the right format and checks for duplicates.

The data is then passed to the lead buyers. I’m afraid I can’t go into too much detail as to how our system works at this stage — proprietary info! But suffice it to say there is a specialized algorithm that deals with transactions for lead purchases.

When your lead is accepted by a buyer, the consumer (who is waiting for the form to process) is redirected to the authorized lending partner‘s site so they can complete application or purchase.

Thanks to our cloud-native system that has modular coding to ensure incredible speed, your consumer’s wait time is short and sweet!

The easier option

Perhaps you aren’t that great at internet development. Perhaps you’ve got a source of traffic for your lead gen, but don’t have any clue about all this XML mumbo-jumbo.

That’s okay too.

What we CAN do is set you up to forward your traffic to one of our own offers with a simple tracking link. At the moment, this is limited to payday loans, but more options will become available soon.

In addition, we have a generous referral scheme, so you can let your friends and partners know about us and receive a percentage from every accepted lead sale!