The Who, What, Why, When, and HOW of Auto Insurance lead gen & affiliate lead selling.

In order to answer the question “Can auto insurance affiliates drive up lead gen revenue?” I’m going to need to break it down for you. Using the classic format, who, what, why, when, and how, we’re going to explore the ins and outs of this high-performance niche. Ready? Then let’s begin.

WHO could sell leads for auto insurance prospects?

  • Are you looking into lead gen, wondering about what niche to choose?
  • Maybe you’ve been trading leads for a while but want to maximize your profits?
  • You might just be interested in adding affiliate links to your website to monetize it.

Do any of these sound like you?

Whatever the case, if you’re looking at affiliate publishing, look closely at the auto insurance vertical! Auto insurance is one of the most profitable industries for lead gen. Experienced affiliate marketers and lead gen publishers already know about its high lead volume and revenue. But where to begin with this niche?

WHAT could revJOLT do to help you?

You can use our advanced ping/post lead trading platform and our huge network of advertisers (lead buyers) to sell your leads. Our sophisticated platform allows you to make the most out of what you have, matching your prospects to the best bid price possible. Even less optimum leads could find a buyer, thanks to the range of bids available in the ping/post instant lead auction system from revJOLT.

WHY would you use revJOLT to sell your auto insurance leads?

At revJOLT we offer a lot to the people generating the revenue out there. That’s every affiliate who has had to wait for payouts, every lead seller who has seen revenue drop, every marketer that worked their butt off only to be given unreasonable payout limits.

We offer high payouts, timely payments, and a robust platform that maximizes your hard work. Our API has been specifically developed for speed and quality when it comes to lead gen, and will help you turn out the profits on leads you’ve generated.

If you’re looking for affiliate links, our forms are optimized to produce better payouts, and we offer our affiliate marketing publishers a better cut of the revenue than most other networks.

Car insurance is an aggressively competitive marketplace, with direct mail, TV spots, and a HUGE bid cost for PPC (Pay Per Click) ads. Every insurance provider, wholesaler, and middleman wants a piece of the market. Going it alone to try to get the best price when selling your leads can be like playing darts with spaghetti. You need to make every lead count, so choose a sophisticated, rock-solid solution like revJOLT to claim your share!

WHEN is the best time for auto insurance lead gen?

When? Now! The US auto insurance market is currently one of the biggest in world, second only to China. 268.8 million vehicles were registered in the US in 2016. This is a good time for promoting auto insurance, but it won’t last. Industry analysis indicates that while the current market share for auto insurance is around $259 billion per year, the average market premium for insurance policies will go down over the next five years.

If you want to go for it, now is the time!

HOW do you access revJOLT‘s advanced lead trading platform?

It’s easy! Use the button below to go through our no-fuss sign up process, and give your revenue a JOLT with revJOLT!

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