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There are plenty of lucrative opportunities in the auto finance lead gen affiliate niche if you know where to look. Read our guide on starting down this path – and see why the SMART way can set you up right!

Get SMART with auto finance lead gen

Concentrating just on the broad term “auto finance lead generation” can leave you feeling a little swamped. How is your affiliate website, blog, email campaign, or other lead gen format supposed to reap you the rewards of your hard work? Where do you start?

Great news — there are plenty of Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and, Timely (SMART) criteria that you, as an affiliate marketer can use to turn up the ROI today!


Get detailed on what you want to achieve, and how. It’s a straightforward proposition, but when you go from the general (e.g. “I want to run a successful car loan email lead gen campaign”) to the specific (e.g. “Day three after signup, I need to send email X with message Y to segment Z”), it is a lot of work. However, you will start to understand your affiliate campaign results almost instantly. And you will understand where and why something has failed, which allows you to then fix any problems.


You need to become as obsessed with your stats as a baseball nerd. Your visitor numbers, their traffic source, what they clicked, whether they bounced… get as much information in as you can. That way you can inform and confirm your strategy. There is no “set it and forget it” in lead gen. Constant hustle is required.


Ask yourself questions about how realistic your campaign parameters are.

Are you going after the right car loan target market? Are these people more likely to just sign up for car finance in the dealer’s sales desk or shop around online?

Do you have enough budget to advertise with PPC? Do you understand the amount of work you will have to put into your website if this is a side job? Do you have the knowledge to create authoritative content?

Answer these questions before you sink a load of time and money into an affiliate niche you can’t compete in.


Creating a lead gen affiliate campaign with all the costly advertising spend will only show revenue if your offering is relevant to the people it’s aimed at.

Both auto finance customers and buyers of your leads have to get something meaningful from the transaction. You need to deal with consumer pain points, like the difficulty of finding affordable car finance deals. You need to supply qualified and quality leads to your car insurer advertisers or they WILL NOT BUY.


Is your content aimed at catching consumers at the right time of year? The right age grouping? When are people most likely to look for finance?  Do you know if people look for finance during the holidays? And why they might?

Do you keep up with news items on the economy at all? If people are more likely to use and get accepted for bank credit or not?

These questions all need an answer.

You also need a timely way to deliver your prospects to the lead buyers, and if you don’t have a platform with a near-instantaneous ping-post bidding system, your hard work could be for nothing when the consumer gets tired of waiting and cancels out.

This is why signing up to revJOLTs lead gen trading platform for auto finance is a SMART move!

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