Increasing website traffic is something every affiliate marketer (and everyone else!) should be concerned with. Paying attention to the details of how and why traffic comes to your site should be an everyday task that ensures your website continues to bring YOU affiliate revenue. If you’re not doing this, why not??

But don’t worry because, as always, I’m going to break it down into a manageable plan for you.

You’re welcome!

Know your website traffic so you can improve it!

Types of website traffic

The first step to any good plan is to know what you’re working with, so, let’s identify the four main types of website traffic. I’m not talking about what devices they use, or any of that. I mean how do the connections to your site happen?

  1. Referrals – these are people sent to your site from another site. So if your friend’s blog or Google sends anyone your way, that’s a referral.
    1. Organic – this is a special type of referral from a search engine. It is unpaid and results from people searching for terms that match the keywords in your site content and meta tags. You don’t pay a cent for this.
    2. Paid – someone clicked an ad to get to your site, and you paid a fee for that.
    3. Email marketing – someone clicked on a link inside an email, for example, your newsletter.
    4. Social – someone shared your site or a person clicked on a link in one of your social posts.
  2.  Direct – someone typed your web address into their browser.

In reality, most traffic comes under two distinct categories – referral or direct. They either followed a link from somewhere or they typed your address into the web browser bar because they knew it already (or saved it in their favorites). I would say 90% PLUS of all traffic that you need to concern yourself with is referrals based.

The best kind of traffic

You need to be able to analyze your traffic in order to understand if you’re getting GOOD or BAD traffic. Use a program like Google Analytics. Good traffic is from genuine people who are interested in your content and will happily click your affiliate link if they think they’re getting a good deal. Bad traffic comes from hackers and bots who scour the web looking for websites to exploit. They’ll infect it with a virus or turn it into some kind of spamming zombie, given half a chance.

You can usually identify the bad traffic because they come from a country that doesn’t even use the services you provide. A payday loan from a US lender is not going to interest someone from Khazakstan, for example.

You need to make sure your website’s security is up to date so that you can keep those bad guys out. If you’re using WordPress, like a vast majority of users, you need to add enough security plugins and fixes to ensure you’ve got protection without turning your site into a slow and lumbering beast.

Then you need to focus on getting the GOOD type of traffic. How do you do that? Please read the next post in this series to get 7 actionable tips on how you can increase your traffic today!!

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