Announcing our stunning new offerings available on revJOLT‘s revolutionary platform.

Our lead trading platform is smart, saves affiliate marketers’ time and advertisers’ money, and generates great results. So it’s a thrill to announce we’ll shortly be expanding these capabilities into three brand new verticals!

Health insurance lead gen affiliate program

The insurance market in America is a significant portion of the GDP. In fact, insurance spend is over $1 trillion! So offering a greater selection of insurance niches for our lead gen trading platform made sense! Our affiliate publishers and affiliate advertisers both benefit from the size of these markets.

Health insurance in the US is something most adults will spend on in their lifetime. Trying to get connected to a provider that offers them the right range of care options is a choice that often comes down to affordability.

Fortunately, revJOLT‘s lead trading platform allows consumers and insurance providers to connect in a way that is most beneficial to both parties. The consumer gets a good price, and the advertiser accepts the prospects that fit their target market.

Home insurance lead gen affiliate program

Like most of the financial industry’s affiliate programs, home insurance is another great prospect for lead gen. This niche generates a large share of internet searches and high traffic volume. Not to mention the amount spent.

Home insurance is often a big ticket item that people need to buy at some stage. As I mentioned in the health insurance section above ↑↑, the insurance industry has huge numbers, and is growing year on year.

In uncertain times, home insurance policies to protect your property make a lot of sense and add a feeling of security to the policy owner.

Home improvement lead gen affiliate program

We began this mission to help homeowners of the US with our replacement windows and home security affiliate programs, now we’re pleased to open it up to a broader category of “home improvement”.

We’ll be bringing innovative products such as solar PV panel affiliate advertisers, and many more. Come back regularly to find out more!

Americans love their homes, and they also love improving and protecting them, so this home improvement affiliate niche offers a great opportunity to help them achieve these aims.

Open the lanes of traffic!

When getting on board with these shiny new verticals, spend some time thinking about the channels that you will be sending your leads from. Do you have enough sources?

Acceptable lead gen traffic sources

We’re one of the most flexible lead trading platforms when it comes to which sources of marketing traffic we accept. Rather than only taking organic / SEO based web traffic such as blogging (although we love this source), we will accept any of the following that abide by legislation regarding privacy and permission.

  • Email
  • SMS
  • PPC
  • Display advertising
  • Call center sources: pay-per-call, outbound calling and call transfers
  • Social media
  • Video links

Advertisers – are you clued in?

revJOLT has grown our network to over 4,000 publishers, with over 500,000 sources for our content including mobile and web properties. In addition to the very attractive programs for our affiliate publishers, we offer our affiliate advertiser partners superior quality and control over the leads that are generated.

Excited about these upcoming opportunities? Why not sign up today and get ahead of the curve?

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