Have you recovered from day 1 of our 7 step Mortgage lead gen boot camp for affiliates yet?

Yesterday, you saw how to identify your prospects’ pain points, educate prospective mortgage buyers, help them prioritize their financial decisions, and connect with more approved partner mortgage lenders.

Way to go! Now on to day 2 — warm up those aching hams!

Step 5 — Tools to qualify your leads

A mortgage calculator can show potential mortgage applicants the detail that will let them know if they can afford the mortgage on their dream house. More than just showing repayment amounts, a sophisticated version can calculate property rates,  view amortization tables, and show how to save on interest by reconfiguring payment schedules.

Another tool that will help wise financial decisions is a credit score functionality embedded on your site. Finding the API for this is a little harder to do, and wiring it into your website or mobile device app is a little more tricky, but it would be a big draw for customers.

NB: You may have to pay a subscription or development fees to embed such tools into your website, but if you do, make sure they hook up to a call to action (CTA) for your prospects to enter their lead info (which you then send to revJOLT for some match-making magic).

If you want to find out what tools people need, check out forums that deal with consumer money saving and advice. Along the way, you’ll get to know a lot about their pain points (remember Step 1?), and what criteria they are using to look for home loan information.

Step 6 — Recover previous rejections

A failed application is not necessarily a trashcan job.

Maybe the prospect does have enough income and a good enough credit rating to apply for a mortgage in principle, but failed to check affordability (as in Step 3 above). A failed loan applicant can feel depressed, worthless, and give up on the whole process, but you can offer some hope.

Using your toolset, (see Step 5) to find out what they could afford and allow them the dignity of trying again with better chances of success. Let them know that one setback isn’t the end.

Using revJOLT‘s lead trading platform also helps them to get another chance much faster, and connect them to the mortgage provider that is looking for them.

Step 7 — Offer other services

More than just help with finding a mortgage, as an affiliate, you can spread your risk by offering affiliate links to other services such as refinancing, insurance brokers, even a link to home moving companies! If you offer a localized service, you could contact local realtors to provide some banner advertising for a fee.

The better your website is at helping people who are looking for a new home, the more traffic you will attract.

And… relax?

A real-life boot camp isn’t the only time you have to exercise in your life. It’s a way to jump-start your journey to healthy living. Likewise, this affiliate marketer mortgage lead gen boot camp is just the beginning.

If you want your revenue to grow, you need to keep growing too. Keep researching, listening, helping out, linking, posting and tweeting… there is no end. But here’s to a great start!

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