In my previous post on this topic, we talked about the types of website traffic you might get. Now I’m going to show you how to increase the “good referral” type of traffic!

7 actions you can take right now to get more website visitors

More visitors equals more potential clicks on your affiliate links, which equals more potential revenue from your site, so it’s all good, right?

The 7 actions I’m going to show you are easy to implement, but you have to keep up on top of these tasks and perform them regularly to make sure you don’t slip back down to poor traffic numbers.

1. SEO

Ensure you’re following all the best practices for optimizing web pages. Your images should be fast-loading, impactful, and have alt tags. Your text should be semantically structured – that means you use the HTML tags correctly and use headings. These and all the recommendations from search engines like Google on how to do it best will make your website easier for people to find and use.

2. Content

If you want visitors to spend time on your site, give them something to look at! Your whole website should be stuffed with informative, entertaining, and just plain valuable content for your site visitor. Use visual content like photos and videos to inform – you can embed them straight from YouTube.

3. Social

Create a wall of shareable, clickable, beautiful social posts to boost your content and backlinks to the site. Build a following. How you do that? Look at a successful brand in your niche market and try some of their techniques to create a selection of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts. “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”, I hear.

Don’t forget LinkedIn and YouTube too. Once you’ve created your content, drip-feed out the awesomeness over time.

4. Email marketing campaign

There are plenty of reasons to start using email marketing to bring visitors to your site, and in this series of posts, called Creating a killer email lead gen program, I show you exactly how to do it!

5. Share your knowledge

Consider writing on, answering questions on Quora, creating some YouTube courses on your special expertise (which we all have), offer free webinars, do a quick and visually stimulating SlideShare – there are so many ways which you can shine your little light on the world, it seems almost harder to NOT do these. And the best part is, your knowledge passes on authority and trust, which will pass to your affiliate links, too!

6. Reach out

Surveys, quizzes, giveaways, competitions – they all can offer a great way to intrigue site visitors. People will feel more positive towards you if they feel they’re getting something, or even if they feel like they’re helping you out with a favor! Just make sure you follow your state and federal laws on privacy and running competitions if you go that route.

7. Leverage your ads

There is no doubt, paid traffic from a savvy PPC or social advertising campaign can bring you highly-qualified and motivated traffic. You’ve just got to make sure your CPC is not costing you more than your income generated. Keep your eye on your dashboards, and tweak to perfect it.

Perseverance is key

As I said at the top of the page, you’ve got to make these kinds of activities a regular part of your life. It’s no good having a “set it and forget it” mentality. Keep on it and watch the traffic flood right in!

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