Why an installment loans lead gen affiliate program might be the niche you need.

Firstly how do installment loans differ from payday? Typically payday loans are short term and high interest. As a result, the lending amounts are lower – a person who has to cover a bill before their next salary would benefit. But with an installment loan they could get a higher amount and more repayments over a longer time.

As a rule of thumb, payday loans are under $1000 dollars, high interest, and due in maybe 2 or 3 monthly repayments, and installment loans are usually up to $5000 (or even more) due to be paid back over months or years, with more reasonable rates. Clear? Good.

Taking your monetization to the next level

If you’re a blogger taking your first steps to monetize your blog or if you are already using a different niche to run lead gen, in either case you should be considering the installment loans affiliate niche as a way of leveling up your offering.

The US loan industry is one of the best verticals for lead gen payouts. If you’ve read some of our other articles on our LifestylePayday.com site and How millennials can level up your lead gen, for example, you should be convinced by now to give online loan lead gen marketing a try.

So what’s the gist for an installment loan publisher? Here’s an example scenario.

Sarah from Ohio needs some cash but doesn’t want to go down the payday loan route. She needs $4000 so that she can renovate her kitchen – more than you can generally borrow in a payday loan situation. She also knows that she’ll need longer to pay it all back. She looks for info on several websites to learn more. An installment loan is the best fit for her.

If you can find your audience and put yourself in their place, you will have a greater chance of producing promotional material – websites, blog articles, email marketing, social media campaigns – that speak to their needs.

Longer repayment terms, lower rates, blogger opportunities

Many people in need of emergency funding look for payday loans, as this segment of the market has been well advertised! But they are often surprised to find they also qualify for installment loans as well. They will often look up information on websites to try to find out more, like Sarah did.

Installment loans might cover an emergency situation, but since you can borrow more, you will also find more patient consumers who are looking for a flexible financial solution to funding a big purchase or a long term project. They will spend a lot of time in research, comparing the market for the best deals.

This the perfect opportunity for a blogger who likes to keep their audience informed. Even if your site is not directly related, such as a home improvement blog or a travel website, installment loans could be the perfect offering if you introduce it right.  Draw attention to the advantages of lower rates and longer repayment to help increase your conversions.

And the advantage to you for promoting installment loans is the larger lending amounts can lead to very decent payouts! Working hand in hand with our other loan lead gen programs, you’ll increase your chances.

If you’re interested in adding installment loans to your affiliate lead gen publishing arsenal, or an installment loans advertiser looking for an innovative lead trading marketplace – sign up to revJOLT today!

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