Online affiliate marketing done right.

You might think you have to be the pushy, slick salesperson type to get ahead in affiliate marketing. Or use underhanded tactics to sucker consumers into buying. You might not feel comfortable doing any of that.

But I have good news – none of that is a requirement for a healthy affiliate income!

Get conversions without resorting to high-pressure sales tactics, coercion, or deception

You’re an affiliate marketer making your living online. Whether you link to a payday loan provider or create forms to capture auto finance or mortgage lead gen (or any of revJOLT‘s many other verticals), your aim is simple: you need to encourage as many conversions as possible. That means turning a casual browser of your blog, website, or social media feed into a clicker and a buyer.

But this bottom line isn’t always served by lowdown behavior. You probably understand by now that revJOLT‘s policy is to actively seek out and punish bad behaviors like fraud or deception. We prefer honest and transparent affiliates!

Find your USP

You’ve seen the sites: covered in BUY NOW! banners, blinking text that implies time limits on signing up, popups that keep coming back… The truth is, sometimes these sites work. But they can also drive good customers away. If you’ve decided that way is just not for you, what can you do instead?

My universal answer to this is simple: stop trying to sell, and start trying to have a conversation!

Nobody likes the ad break in their favorite TV show. Why would they? All it contains is a barrier to the stuff they are really enjoying. So what do people enjoy about your blog, website, or social media? What message and information could actually move your reader? Why would they come back for more? That is your Unique Selling Proposition, or USP. Once you’ve identified that, you can start to look for areas of monetization, but beware!

A question of trust

Plenty of influencer marketers (you know, the Instagram and YouTube stars) have turned off their audience by overdoing the paid product endorsements. In fact, a study shows that Millennials trust so-called “attention marketers” less and less these days. The clever social media stars advertise products only as a small part of their story, not the main attraction.

But an affiliate marketer doesn’t have to be so boxed in by touting a sponsored product. Instead, they can use more natural linking and lead capture methods, that offer solutions to everyday problems. When you’re acting as an affiliate publisher with a lead trading platform like revJOLT, in fact, you don’t have to make a shoddy product look good. A lead trade means that the consumer details that you’re supplying are matched against a range of providers. They look at key factors such as demographic and geographic information to ensure their product is a good match for the lead. You aren’t tied to one product or provider, so you aren’t committed to trying to making something work where it doesn’t.

And you don’t have to stick to one vertical! If you have an audience that would benefit from payday loans, home services like security systems, or car insurance, you can tailor different site sections or blog articles to their needs. This allows for a more natural approach to offering and allows a relationship of trust to start forming between you and your audience. So instead of going on and on about a single product or service, you can vary your approach.

If you want to be part of an affiliate marketing and lead trade platform that actively encourages its publishers to be their best selves, join us now!

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