Welcome to your guide on how to find a profitable affiliate niche!

First we’re going to find out why you need to take the time to do this at the very beginning of your road to affiliate success. And how some websites give you information that will just suck all the life out of your business.

Then we’re going to examine the best affiliate niches you maybe never heard about!

Why choose a niche so carefully?

Well, it depends. Do you have unlimited time and money to try to build a successful online marketing business?


Then you really need to do the work up front to research which affiliate marketing niche you’re going to use. Getting the right one provides¬†a solid foundation to your business. If you don’t, you will be spending frustrating and fruitless hours trying to climb up a slippery slope.

Maybe you shouldn’t listen to everyone

Some websites recommend you choose a niche that centers around your hobbies. That’s great, if your hobby is a lucrative pastime that only a few people blog about. But how many cooking and interior decoration blogs do you think are out there? And how much do you think you will enjoy it if your hobby becomes your work?

You could maybe pull it off, if you were willing to sink a ton into making your site a content behemoth. Or spending your kids’ college funds on PPC advertising. But why struggle along with the crowd? Why waste that time and money?

If you’re building an affiliate empire, you need to treat it like a business!

Let’s put it this way. If you went to a market, looking for something cool, but everyone was selling the exact same thing, what makes any of the market sellers stand out? If each of the sellers were selling the same thing you can get from the grocery store? Why would your seller want to waste their time? Why would you?

You don’t want to compete in an overcrowded market, where everybody is trying to sell the latest thing. If you don’t believe me, think of some of the most popular selling items of today. They are likely in the retail vertical, and available through massive online sellers like Amazon. When they offer affiliate links on these products, thousands of people are climbing over each other to sell them. This means you get a poor ROI for your efforts, and a smaller percentage chance the consumer will come to you.

Make sense to do that? No!

Do you want to make money on affiliate marketing or not?

You need to find a niche that offers these two aspects in balance: scarcity plus demand. That’s sales 101.

The latest Nike shoes are not scarce. They are high demand, but available EVERYwhere.

A hand-drawn portrait of a dog is maybe scarce. But is the demand for a dog picture going to pay your bills? Unlikely.

But some of the niches we have below, might just help you find that balance

(By the way, affiliate niches are just as important for lead gen affiliate publishers.)

Some lucrative niches to think about

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Little-known affiliate niches you need to consider


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New verticals (niches) to explore

New lead gen and affiliate verticals coming up!

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